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Join the Attraction Marketing Academy and transform your marketing results.

Created and powered by visitor attraction marketing specialist, Agility Marketing, you'll get fresh ideas, strategy and structure to accelerate your marketing results.

Get the results you want.
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Join the Academy to Improve your Marketing

You’ll work through a success road map that lays out exactly what you need. The Academy course is split into 5 core areas; each part is vital for success.

5 Core Areas

Result busting marketing

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Review Your Results

You’ve heard the saying “If you don’t know where you’ve been, how do you know where you are going”.  For the key marketing KPI’s, we evaluate your performance against the sector and share benchmarks for you to aim for.   

Reviewing your marketing results is vital and you can submit your results to Academy HQ every 6 months for benchmarking.
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Plan to Grow

Every visitor attraction has busy and quiet periods. 

Our Plan to Grow module gives you a blueprint to identify when and how you can increase visitors/turnover.  

We share proven strategies to stimulate results.   
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Optimising Your Marketing Mix & Implementation 

Discover the ultimate marketing mix for visitor attractions and a tool to help you implement all the marketing tasks.

This module is designed to give you structure, insight and confidence.
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Power Up Sessions

The power up sessions are live training online sessions with an expert. Every month we focus on a new area of visitor attraction marketing; from social media, influencer marketing and website optimisation to email marketing, online reputation or paid for ads.

By releasing them every month, it gives you time to fully embrace the learnings. If you can’t make any session, the resources, slides and recordings are added to the online course portal to review at a later date.
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Additional Support

You will always have questions outside the programme.  

Every month, we will also supply a list of useful reminders for you and run an ‘Ask Me Anything’ Clinic.  The Clinic is designed to help resolve additional marketing challenges and questions you may have.

No question is too insignificant to be asked in a Clinic.

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Think you don't have the time?

If you feel you have too much going on and don’t have the time to join a group like this, all you need to do is invest about 60 minutes a week to work through the content.

Ultimately, we hope that the tools we provide will save you time, improve your focus and generate better results; saving you at least the time you input.

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“Agility Marketing has been maximising the marketing for medium-sized attractions for over 20 years. The Attraction Marketing Academy will now allow us to share our knowledge, proven strategies and insights to help small attractions too.”

Claire Carson

Marketing Strategist and Academy Host,
Senior Account Manager at Agility Marketing

What is Inside The Visitor Attraction Marketing Academy

From £175 per month, we believe The Academy represents unbelievable value.

You'll obtain:


Marketing Benchmarking

Kick off your membership with a review of your core marketing results. 

We will show you step by step how to get the stats and in return, you’ll find out how you score against the rest of your sector.
We show you where you can improve and what realistic results you should aim for.
Worth £1,000


Plan & Grow Coaching

Getting the strategy right is key.  In this live and recorded sessions we talk you through the Plan and Grow Road Map to prioritise areas you can increase visitors.

The Plan and Grow presentation and resources are available on our learning portal for you to review at any time.

Worth £1000


Define your Marketing Mix

On the learning portal, we talk you through the ultimate marketing mix and give you an action plan structure to ensure you never miss a deadline.  

Worth £600


Monthly Power Up Training

Every month, we add fresh content and implementation tools for a specific marketing discipline covering social media, website optimisation, influencer marketing, paid digital ads, email marketing, online reputation and more.

The content for the live session and the implementation tools are added to your online learning portal.  

Worth £700 / month


Your Marketing Safety Net

We know what it is like when you are busy!  Every month, we provide a ‘reminder’ checklist to ensure you don’t miss any key marketing tasks.    

In addition, all of the live sessions, presentations and resources are added to your online learning portal to access anytime.

Worth £250 / month


Monthly Ask Me Anything Clinic

Every month we run an ‘Ask Me Anything’ Clinic for you to obtain help on your burning questions. If you can’t make the call, submit your questions via email for us to answer in your absence and you can review the recording later.

Worth  £250 / month

Our Story

Attraction Marketing Academy has been created by Agility Marketing, specialists in visitor attraction marketing for over 20 years.  

For years, we’ve helped medium sized attractions squeeze more from their marketing; whether this is gaining more engagement on social media, driving more awareness from paid ads or converting interest into a ticket sale on websites.

The Visitor Attraction Marketing Academy allows us to offer this insight, knowledge and help to smaller attractions too.  

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Choose Your Plan:


£200/ month (+VAT)
  • Access to Visitor Attraction Review & Planning Content
  • Access to Visitor Attraction Live Power Up Content
  • Personalised benchmarking feedback upon joining
  • Further benchmarking feedback every 6 months
  • New content added monthly
  • Live Expert Training
  • Monthly Group Q&A, Ask me Anything Clinic

(Best Value)

£175/month (+VAT)

All the benefits of monthly, plus you'll save £150 by paying for 6 months upfront.

Course Modules

The Academy includes live sessions, pre-recorded content, monthly reminders, benchmarking every 6 months and more. Here is an overview of all the modules; you’ll access Module 1 – 3 upon joining and then every month we provide fresh content on a specific marketing discipline.  

Module 1: Benchmarking

Find out how your results compare to other visitor attractions. We show you how to obtain the results and then share how you are performing against industry norms. You can request benchmarking every 6 months.

Module 2: Plan to Grow

Every attraction has stronger periods throughout the year than others. In this module, we give you a blueprint to identify the times of the year, alongside strategies on how you can increase them.

With a playbook you can complete, you’ll overcome barriers to growth with your own Plan.

Module 3: Marketing Mix & Implementation

Discover the ultimate marketing mix for visitor attractions and a tool to help you implement marketing tasks.

All designed to give you structure, insight and confidence.Every month, we also publish monthly reminders to ensure you remain on top of the tasks.

Module 4: Power Up Your Social Media (May 2024)

In our live sessions, discover how you can maximise results on social media. 

You’ll not only obtain valuable advice, but tools to help you with implementation.  The recording will be added to the learning portal from May.

Module 5: Power Up Your Email Marketing (June 2024)

Another live session shows you how to Power Up your Email Marketing. We share our knowledge on GDPR, growing your list and crafting compelling emails.

Email marketing can deliver the biggest return on investment if done properly – let us show you how.The recording will be added to the learning portal a few days after the live session.

Module 6: Power Up Your Website (July 2024)

Your website may be the first stop on your customer journey, but if it isn't working hard enough it might also be the last!  We look at quick wins to improve your website, GA4 and which stats you should track, how to build a landing page that converts and more.

Module 7: Power Up Your Paid Digital Advertising

More information coming soon!

Module 8: Power Up Your Social Strategy

More information coming soon!

Module 9: Power Up Your Cross Sell & Upsell

More information coming soon!

Module 10: Power Up Your Brand & Reputation

More information coming soon!

Module 11: Power Up With Influencers & UGC

More information coming soon!

Module 12: Power Up Your Social Media

More information coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to sign up for?

The minimum period is a month.  Once subscribed, you can leave the course at any time, although we hope you’ll find so much value you will remain.

What does the course include?

Upon joining, you have 3 modules you can access immediately and then every month we roll out another module based on a particular marketing discipline.

Do you know when you are rolling out the future disciplines?

Yes, you can view them here, in our Visitor Attraction Academy course programme.

Can I speak to anyone if I am unsure on the advice whilst on the course?

The team are always available to help with admin problems by email and if they cannot resolve it – will call you. 

All the help is provided via the course or live sessions. We run a monthly Ask Me Anything Clinic that is designed for this purpose. If your need extra help, you can book a 1 hour session with Claire at £125+VAT per hour. Sometimes your need will require specialist help. If this is the case, = Claire will arrange for another expert from the Agility team to attend the call.

What If I don’t feel the course is right for me?

We hope you will find enormous value from the course and won’t want to leave, however you can cancel the course at any time.  You just need to give notice before the next month’s subscription will be taken out. Once you’ve cancelled you can access the Academy until the next subscription is due.
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